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How It Works

Engage more online car shoppers in real time, and your sales opportunities only increase. But research says shoppers visit an average of 18 sources while looking for a car—how can you be at the center of influence and connect with all of them when (and where) it matters most?

Use automotive chat and text to be where they are, ready to answer questions “right here, right now.” Contact At Once! automotive chat can help.
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Automotive Chat & Text

Are you in touch with online shoppers everywhere, not just the ones on your dealership website? You should be…because they also spend hours researching OEM sites, social media, consumer reviews and third-party ad listings! Only Contact At Once! connects you instantly to shoppers throughout that entire network via automotive chat and text.

Harness the Power of the Network

Our dealer chat and mobile text solutions can scale to many different websites simultaneously. Think of it as harnessing all your ads and every site your inventory is listed on…and interacting with all those shoppers in one place. You can even add click-to-text options. The end result?

  • More connections & conversions – Respond to shoppers’ chats or texts from many of the online sites where they look for information.
  • More influence on auto purchase decisions – Connect with low-funnel shoppers while they’re making buying decisions.
  • More appointments made & cars sold – The more conversations you have, the more chances you have to guide shoppers in the door!
Always On

Online shoppers have no patience for “I’ll get back to you later.” In fact, we all  want answers right here, right now. Just look at your own smartphone and see how many unread texts you have vs. unread emails.

Your challenge? Creating that live presence everywhere (and everywhen ) your shoppers want information.

Be the “Always On” Dealership (We’ll Help)

We make it easy to respond in real time, all the time:

  • Automotive text & chat - Customizable & scalable solutions that instantly connect you with online shoppers researching & viewing inventory on any device.
  • Mobile apps – Continue to answer automotive chats & texts instantly (& track those leads) no matter where you are—right from your smartphone or tablet. You can even change devices mid-conversation (desktop to mobile device) without missing a beat.
  • Backup so you don’t miss a conversation – Team too busy to answer? Our managed chat service can keep you connected with shoppers.
Who Responds

No one likes to miss or outsource a lead, but no one is superhuman. So Contact At Once! offers 3 options for handling automotive texts and automotive chats to increase your availability:

  • Answer yourself to build relationships.
  • Use our Virtual Receptionist team to fill in for your staff, rolling over only the chats or texts you would otherwise miss.
  • Use Virtual Receptionist to answer all automotive chats & texts.

The Virtual Receptionist Edge

More and more dealers are choosing the Virtual Receptionist staffing option because it balances the shopper’s desire to speak to someone at the dealership with your  time and manpower constraints. You leverage your current team, yet never worry about missing a chat:

  • Your staff answers when possible.
  • Virtual Receptionists automatically pick up where you leave off.
  • All customer data is tracked in your Contact At Once! dashboard & leads are forwarded on for follow-up.

Learn more about this “best of both worlds” choice.

Mobile Options

We all know car shoppers research inventory and dealerships on mobile devices. And our automotive chat and text options help you be right there!

Mobile Access for Shoppers

A quick conversation as they’re shopping (without playing email or phone tag)? That’s the help mobile shoppers want, and we make it possible: Shoppers click the auto dealer chat or text option from your mobile website or ad, and get immediate answers to questions…right there on their device.

Mobile Apps for You

With our free mobile apps, your team’s smartphones/tablets become mobile chat centers. This gives them the freedom to multitask and makes for a better shopping experience:

  • Answer & track any chat or text lead that comes in—even when out of the office.
  • Switch seamlessly from desktop to mobile chat, so there’s no interruption.
  • Stream live video in chats (handy for vehicle walk-arounds, live demos & more).
  • And so much more!

Learn more about mobile chat & text and download our mobile text app today!