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  • Don’t Leave Holes in Your Digital Strategy

    Google says that the majority of car shoppers (72%) cross-shop—they’re open to influence even in the brands they choose. To influence them, though, you have to provide the right information in the right place at the right time. Piece of cake, right? That’s why you built a good website and mobile site. That’s why you […]

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  • How Did Your Dealership Weather the Winter Storms?

    Despite having the worst of the winter weather behind us (hopefully), the phrase “polar vortex” still evokes a shiver or two from many a dealership. Winter smacked both businesses and consumers in the jaw this year. Even if power stayed on and the lot was plowed…customers probably didn’t come out if the roads were bad. What about […]

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  • STOP – 3 Steps Your Dealership Should Take Before Texting Consumers

    With 81% of car shoppers using smartphones at some point in their research, it’s time to implement an official texting plan for your dealership (if you haven’t already). Sure, texting is probably already used by your team and your customers. But is it a true component of your sales and customer service strategy? Here are […]

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  • 3 Tips to Enhance Your Mobile Strategy in 2014

    We all know that the world has gone mobile. In the car-shopping realm, we see it in the growth of digital ad spend, the number of consumers browsing via mobile and, of course, texting. But don’t forget that mobile means both sales opportunities and convenience for the dealership itself. With the right mobile strategy, your […]

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  • Connecting With Shoppers Across Their Devices Using Auto Dealer Chat, Text & More

    With over a third of online car shoppers researching on multiple devices, it’s no wonder that responsive design is all the rage. Everyone’s focused on creating a website that adapts to the screen and is easy to navigate on computer, tablet and smartphone (or they should be). Just don’t forget to consider how customers will […]

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  • Everyone At Your Dealership Works in the Internet Department

    If you think about it, every person in your dealership works in the Internet department. Sure, shoppers often come in for a test drive or for the final purchase (though online car sales are increasing), but I can just about guarantee that in-person meeting isn’t their first impression of you. That  happens online. Google backs […]

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  • Build Loyalty with Online Shoppers, Not Frustration

    While 94% of car-shopping research starts online, that doesn’t mean a hands-off approach for your dealership. In fact, 83% of online shoppers need support to complete a purchase. With something as big and complex as a vehicle, that need only increases. There’s opportunity there for dealers to build up trust and loyalty—or frustration—because the service […]

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  • New Texting Regulations: What Your Dealership Salespeople Need to Know

    With the latest Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) rules settling into place, we’ve got to remember that not all texts are created equal. Is your dealership’s texting up to snuff? Do what it takes to get there…because 97% of texts are opened and read within 3 minutes vs. 22% of emails! First Things First: What […]

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